How to Move a Hot Tub

How to Move a Hot Tub

Hot tubs could be a great investment for your home because they can be a source of great fun and health benefits. In some ways hot tubs and spas are different in ways, and even better than spas because it is possible to move them from one location to another. But moving a hot tub can be complicated, especially if it is big, oddly shaped or sitting on an unlevelled area such as an outdoor living space with pavers. As always to save possible time, personal injuries and property damage, it is advisable to hire professionals to uninstall and transfer the hot tub. For different reasons though you may need to know how to move a hot tub yourself. With the right tools, knowledge, and preparation, a hot tub move could be done within a day. Enlisting the help of three of four assistants to help with the preparation and move is highly recommended. Learn how to move a hot tub from one place to another.

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Items Required When Moving A Hot Tub Yourself

Before moving  any hot tub make sure to have the following tools and equipment. First, you will require 2 pieces of wood that are 2 inches by 4 inches long or other similar planks of wood with good width and length. You will also need at least 2 long straps to help lift the tub. Two-wheeled furniture doilies will be needed to easily roll the tub to its new location. Finally, you should also have a toolkit with screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, etc that will help in the dismantling and re-installing of the hot tub.

Instructions For Moving A Hot Tub

If you are moving your hot tub to a different home or location, ensure that everything related to the tub is packed and any removable water is pumped out to lessen the weight. Hot tubs usually come with additional accessories such as a heater, blower, electrical units, pumps, and plumbing units. Pack these away individually in a protective wrap to prevent them from getting lost, forgotten, or damaged. Leaving these parts intact could make the move easier, but does make the total weight heavier to move than without.

You can then get to the tub and ensure it is fully drained and dry, ready for transportation. Get help to lift the tub and place it on its side. This will make it easier to move. Lift one corner of the tub and place one of the 2 by 4 pieces of wood underneath the tub. Lift the other side and place the other piece of wood below the tub.

Your hot tub should now be standing on its side on top of two pieces of wood. Slide the furniture dollies under the tub, in between the two pieces of wood. Use your straps to secure the hot tub to the doilies by tying them together. If you have a paved outdoor surface you can now easily roll the tub to its new location because it is strapped on top of wheeled doilies.

In case you need to load the hot tub into a truck, ask the help of your assistants to lift the tub into the truck. You will also need your assistants to help offload and transfer it to its new location.

Things to Consider When Moving a Hot Tub

  • How much does it cost to move a hot tub or hire hot tub movers?
  • Does the hot tub fit through the doorway?
  • Does the hot tub fit on the back of my pickup truck?
  • How heavy is an empty hot tub?
  • How to drain a hot tub for moving?
  • Is there enough space to move the tub to its new location?

What Could Happen When Moving a Hot Tub?

  • Personal injury can occur i.e. back pain, injured foot, etc.
  • A hot tub could reveal old floor stains i.e. carpet stains, wood deck stains, outside paver stains (learn how to remove stains from stone pavers or concrete), etc.
  • Side panels of the hot tub can fall off the shell or be damaged.
  • A hot tub can leak leftover water from it’s plumbing system onto the floor.
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For more tips on finding the right hot tub for you and your family or learning about possible hot tub health benefits, read the rest of our blog.

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